We’ve discussed the facts and stats until we’re blue in the face right? I mean, at this point don’t you just want someone to be real with you about this? Is it safe? Is it not safe? Can it do what people say it does? The list of questions goes on and on and the truth is it depends who you ask. Listen, I could tell you that medical marijuana aka mmj is awesome and has a gazillion amazing qualities and applications but if you’ve never tried it and know anyone who has how do you really know? So let’s do this. We want to hear from you. Seriously. We want any and everybody to tell us what you want to know about cannabis and we will give you the facts but that goes without saying. What we will also give you is the truth. Not a watered down, fluffed up version of it but the real deal Holyfield truth. The information we provide here is not to try and convince you of anything because the truth is most people have already made up their minds about it anyway, am I right? Oftentimes we believe others’ opinions and ideas instead of trusting our own intuition and knowing.
What do your thoughts and feelings tell you about medical cannabis and its uses? If you’re here then I think you’re curious and don’t believe all the negative press you’ve been fed. This movement is bigger than the legalization of cannabis in Florida. It’s about all things that we as people have been misled about whether it be cannabis or religions or cultures and many, many other things. What we challenge you to do is to question everything and make up your own mind. Talk to people who have used cannabis and get some insight there if you don’t have any experience with it. Like I said, it’s not about convincing you either way. Take a stand against the status quo and allow yourself to consider the possibilities in all things. And if you find yourself partaking of a little cannabis edible along the way, embrace the experience and enjoy.
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