Medical Marijuana Treats Ptsd Marijuana has been in controversy for a long time, but its extensive medical benefits in the field of medicine cannot be denied. The pharmaceutical sector in a lot of means relies on medical marijuana to facilitate patients in a better way. It helps in relieving pain, nausea, depression, anxiety, poor appetite,...

Proven Benefits of Medical Marijuana

It’s a well-known fact that the medicinal marijuana industry is growing. The national market for medical cannabis was nearly $7 billion out of 2016 and is probably going to reach $20 billion every year in only a couple of years; this statistic is according to the research firm called ArcView Group. Medical weed is victorious to the point that it is dissolving the market share of the customary pharmaceutical industry, informally known as “Big pharma.”

Taking The High Road

How many people smoke weed? According to polls taken this year 52% of Americans over the age of 18 have tried marijuana in some form. What if the actual number is higher? At roughly $53.3 billion being spent on cannabis in 2016 alone one would not be wrong in assuming so. Approximately $46 billion was made through illegal sale of marijuana, making up 87% of the total sales that year.